Composite Filter - Poseidon

A. Easy to change
Special mechanism to easily pull out the filter without using any tool.

B. Drink water safely
Using Food Grade P.P. material to prevent human body from plasticizer.

C. Re-enforced structure
New buckle design improves the filter structure strength.

D. 2nd Generation filter
Using Pleated Membrane and Carbon Block compounded filtration materials to provide more reliable purified water and to extend the life-time of R.O. membrane or filter itself much longer than 1st generation design.

E. Various filter to be selected
.Block dirt/dust, Chlorine removal filter.
.Block dirt/dust, Chlorine removal & Anti-bacteria filter.
.Block dirt/dust, Chlorine removal & Anti-scale filter.
.Block dirt/dust, Chlorine removal & Heavy metal removal.

F. Unique, Neat and Elegant water purified system
No matter countertop or under-sink models, stylish design can fit all your need.


About Poseidon

About Poseidon

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