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Activated Carbon

Removing chlorine,undesirable taste and odors associated with chlorinated water supplies.

Clino-X Sand

Clino-X can remove ammonium (NH4+) and metal cations Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, Co, Cr, Mn and Fe from water.

Nano-Silver Activated Carbon

Efficient solution for removing chlorine, odor. Nano-silver,a great anti-bacteria formula, prevents the growth of bacteria.


Inhibits the formation of lime scale.

Ion-exchange Resin

Water softening, removing of calcium, magnesium, and other metal cations in hard water

Porphyries Andesite

Improve the taste、Releasing mineral.

Negative Ion

Releasing negative ions: 2000-2800 ion/cc, and micronutrient. Enhancing the taste of water.

Hyperenergetic orbs

Releasing negative ions:2000-2800 ion/cc, big molecule turns into small molecule and micronutrient.

Microscopic orbs

Releasing negative ions: 2000-2800 ion/cc and micronutrient.

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